Clubmatch October 12th, 2008 - Judge: Mrs. P.D. Hulme, Engeland


It was showtime again on sunday 12th of Ocotber 2008 as it was our annual clubmatch.
It was a beautiful day and Mrs Peggy Hulme (Hendell kennel) was judging the dandies.
All 5 puppies of Liberty Love were there and it was defenitely party time for them and it was great to see them all together again.
On this day they were only 3 months and 2 days old and they were truely babies and acted like it!! Sean Connery and Audie Murphy wouldn't move but John Wayne was very brave and showed his 2 brothers how to do it. Also Elizabeth Taylor and Zsa Zsa Gabor thought they couldn't stay behind and walked their little socks off.
Mrs Hulme thought it was a good homogen litter and said so.
The atmosphere in Dorst (Noord Brabant) was great, just the location a bit on the small side.
The Scottisch Terrier Club can look back on a great day. It defenitely was a wonderful day for all the doggies of the Dainty Dandies kennel!!

3 boys

The three boys


zsa zsa gabor

Sza Sza Gabor and Conja

john wayne

John Wayne loved to move!

sean connery

Sean Connery


Audy Murphy


Annemarie with Elizabeth Taylor




All 5 puppies together again, just 3 month' old, mother Liberty Love