Saturday the 20th of March was the annual CAC/CACIB show in Leiden.
The Dandie Dinmont Terriers were judged by Mr Th. A van der Horst.
Dainty Dandies Kate Bush (on the foto right) was awarded her last point towards her Dutch Youth Championship  and got the reserve. (Jippie!)
Dainty Dandies Elizabeth Taylor was BOB (Jippie again!)



Friday the 12th of March 2010 was that time of  year again to meet and greet good old
friends at Crufts in Birmingham, England.
On the foto from left to right: Celia Danks (Dawsholm kennel in Scotland)
Maureen Morrice (Shonillian kennel in Scotland)
Irmgard Rieck (Piper kennel in Germany)
Susan Benko (Ibolya Kozi kennel in Hungary)
Thanks ladies for a great day!



Foreign news: Dainty Dandies David Bowie became BOB on the 23rd of January 2010 at Montpellier International Dog Show in France. His owners Aldine and Michel Benini-Grognet are ever so proud and so is Conja!

Kate and David

On Saturday 28th of November the Dandie Dinmont terriers were judged by Mrs. Mieke Jansen-Kalshoven at the Winner show in Amsterdam.
Both Dainty Dandies David Bowie (l) and Dainty Dandies Kate Bush (r) won the title: Junior Winner!!. Defenitely time for a party and a party we had! ( Dainty Dandies Kate Bush here on the photo with Mrs. T Collewijn.)

On sunday 4th of October Dainty Dandies Elizabeth Taylor and Dutch Champ. Dainty Dandies Sizzle Sizzle were judged by Mrs. Drs. O. Zilli at the IJsselhallen in Zwolle.
Not only did Dainty Dandies Elizabeth Taylor get her Dutch Youth Champ. title here (right on the foto) but became Dutch Champ. Dainty Dandies Fizzle Sizzle BOB and also received her International title (left on the foto). Dutch Champ. Dainty Dandies Fizzle Sizzle was shown by Mrs Trix Polle.

Ofcourse we had a little party afterwards!

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Our wonderful little Wuppie is no longer with us. She passed away on Sunday 12th 0f July 2009 unexpectedly in Conja's arms due to acute heart failure.
What a caracter she was... Wuppie who was the life and soul in our household is no more...

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June 20th, 2009

On this saturday 34 dandies and their owners came together in Holland at the wonderful house of Sabine Boers. The weather was great, the atmosphere was great and seeing so many dandies together was even better. Vet MG van der Weele was there to take blood of all the dandies which was then sent to Finland for the research of glaucoma by Dr Lohi. The Scottish Terrier Club to which we belong kindly paid for all the costs. What a fun time it was..

09-05-2009 Dainty Dandies Elizabeth Taylor got her first CAC and Best Bitch

12-10-2008 Clubmatch - Judge: Mrs. P.D. Hulme, England