How it all begun

Due to the fact that Conja Bell worked for a dentist as a dental nurse for 10 years, she was allowed to choose herself a present. They already had a dog: a Weimaraner and she was looking for a companion for him. So Conja knew what kind of present she would like, she just had to think about the breed.
She for sure didn’t want another Weimaraner as he was very hard work. So she read some books about different breeds and she fell for a Dandie Dinmont with its beautiful topknot and huge eyes

One of her patients happened to have a litter but they were all spoken for but this person knew of another litter of puppies in Assen. After speaking to Mrs Akkersdijk on the phone Conja went to visit and after a couple of weeks was allowed to take a young male home.

His name is Mixed Double’s Great Expectations and they call him Rebel. Since then they had a lot of fun and joy with him. A great dog with a wonderful character. A Dandie that pleases himself and listens whe he sees fit. Very friendly and no macho.

Because Conja now owned two dogs , she found it difficult to find someone to walk them at lunchtime and after a while she decided to start a dogwalking service. This way she could make her hobby a living.
One thing lead to another and she now has had several litters with hopefully many more to come with wonderful puppies as an endresult.
She can honestly say that all of her dogs are very sociable. This is probably due to the fact that they mix with so many other dogs daily.

Conja would like to thank Celia Danks very very much for all her support, good advice and friendship over the years. Conja got her first bitch (Dawsholm Dominique) from Celia on the condition that she would be bred from once and so it was a done deal. Pippa (as she is called) produced two beautiful litters.

She hopes that anybody who visits her website, enjoys her dogs as much as they all do at her home.